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Mission of the American Journal of Entrepreneurship is to increase our knowledge of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs in the many ways they manifest themselves in the global economy. Among the many members of the AJE audience are scholars, doctoral students, business case writers, and policy makers who think broadly about issues in entrepreneurship. We are a cross-disciplinary journal that welcomes participation from anyone with an interest in entrepreneurship in any of the many ways in which it is studied and practiced.

We are working very hard to try to recruit a diverse mix of both contributors and reviewers for the first issue of the journal. We envision the journal being a place in which we extend the body of knowledge on topics in entrepreneurship, small business, and new business ventures. We especially want the journal to be applicable to a broad audience, including policy-makers, researchers, and graduate students. We hope you find the articles are both interesting and relevant to your needs. Our dream is to offer an eclectic, cross-disciplinary entrepreneurship research experience. We do not care what your primary field of study may be. Our only concerns are (a) do you have something interesting to say about the theory or practice of entrepreneurship, and (b) do you have any evidence that supports you? We also want to be open minded about evidence. The Journal will be open to a range of evidence, including case studies, qualitative research broadly defined, as well as statistical analyses. We welcome your participation in the journal as an author, reviewer, or volunteer. We ask that you please share our website with your friends and colleagues. Also, provide us with your comments. We truly welcome your feedback to our Editors.



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