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Anyone can register to the conference by clicking on Register Now button. In order to present a paper you need to submit an abstract of your paper to register for the conference. You can do so by visiting our Registration page or you can email your abstract to However we do require you to provide your information on our Registration page and make a Payment to complete the registration.

Yes. If you cannot travel to our conference location due to budget restrictions or due to busy schedule, you can still participate and present your paper through a virtual session. We will schedule you to a normal conference session where you can present your powerpoint slides or even video presentation. We had presenters presenting through virtual from all over America and from Malaysia and Netherlands in the past.

The abstract is a summary of your paper which is 100 - 300 words that must include authors, affiliations, and title.

Yes. You can submit up to three papers at no additional cost to the registration. You can present all the papers at the conference.

No. You only need to submit the abstract of your paper to attend the conference.

You can either make a powerpoint (or similar application) presentation in one of the sessions

All presentation rooms have a laptop and projector in them. So, all you really need is a thumb drive and handouts (optional).

The presentations will be 20 minutes long with 5 minutes for Q/A.

Yes. You can bring your Mac and connect to the projector and make a presentation from your computer directly.

As a session chair, you need to make sure that each presentation in the session is 20 minutes with 5 minutes for Q/A. Also as a session chair you need to hand out the ballots best paper of the session and make sure that everyone who stays for the whole session votes.

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