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Journal of Applied Financial Research

The Journal of Applied Financial Research is intended for parties that are interested in the practical applications of financial research. The intended readership consists of both researchers and practitioners. The emphasis of the journal is on applications, not the statistical methodology used to derive the applications. Thus, any empirical work should be clearly outlined so that a wide spectrum audience can follow the practical applications of the manuscript.


The mission of the Journal of Applied Financial Research is to support researchers and practitioners in the application of finance and economic development. The Journal of Applied Financial Research gives preference to papers specialising in the applications related to financial research. Regional studies and studies pertaining to small business are welcome. Currently, the Journal of Applied Financial Research has a 23% acceptance rate.

Review Process


All articles are double blind peer reviewed within 90 days of submission. There is no submission fee for any individual that is a member of the Academy of Business Research. Membership is given gratis for a year to any conference registrant. Membership may also be purchased for $150 per year that includes a subscription to all the journals. All articles should follow APA guidelines.

Journal Submission

Journal Editor

  • Pamela Hurley, University of Houston Downtown


Journal Reviewers

  • Andreas Chritofi, Mounmouth University
  • Arnel Odesimo, De La Salle University, Philippines
  • B. Krishna Reddy, Osmainia University India
  • Brian Harte, Canton University
  • Cheryl Crespi, Central Conneticut State Univ.
  • Delroy Chevers, University of West Indies
  • Ed Duett, Troy University
  • Elaine Sanders, University of Texas San Antonio
  • Nicole Gariboldi, CPA, RFG
  • Enyang Guo, Millersville University
  • Fabio Pizzutilo, University of Aldo Moro Italy
  • John Levendis, Loyola University NOLA
  • Kirk Phillipich, University of Michigan Dearborn
  • Lynn Kendall, University of North Texas
  • Natalia Boliari, Manhattan University
  • Ravi Jain, University of Mass Lowell
  • Tim Coville, St. John's University
  • Umesh Kumar, SUNY Canton
  • Yan Zhao, New Jersey Institute of Technology
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